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Welcome to the Team Page of
Team Celtic
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Team Celtic Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,500.00
Total Raised: $17,381.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 15
Members Recruited: 63

Join me in my efforts to support Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for CancerCare!

Thank you for supporting Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for CancerCare. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$17,381.00  
General Team Donation$1,330.00  
Kristen Costa$740.00  
   Ethel Atkinson$150.00  
   Leeann Atkinson$825.00  
   Olivia Beals$0.00  
   Libby Bradshaw$0.00  
   Scott Bradshaw$125.00  
   Marlene Burke$75.00  
   chase corliss$0.00  
   Elizabeth Cullen$50.00  
   Kathleen Cullen$150.00  
   Janice Curran$25.00  
   Kelly David$25.00  
   Brita Dean$200.00  
   Lilia Dean$50.00  
   Thomas Dean$100.00  
   Elaine Desmarais$125.00  
   Evelyn Desmarais$50.00  
   Dick Downey$1,030.00  
   Tim Durkee$100.00  
   Donna Faubert$250.00  
   Alex Freker$25.00  
   Nancy Freker$125.00  
   Alec Giacchetto$10.00  
   Christina Giacchetto$1,640.00  
   Jack Giacchetto$50.00  
   Joanne Giacchetto$25.00  
   Joe Giacchetto$250.00  
   Joey Giacchetto$10.00  
   dasha krupysheva$210.00  
   stephanie krupysheva$210.00  
   Catherine Kubick$25.00  
   David Kubick$25.00  
   Melissa Kubick$100.00  
   Corrie LaBelle$60.00  
   Michelle LaBelle$295.00  
   Peggy Langell$25.00  
   Bill Lowney$25.00  
   Brenda Lowney$125.00  
   Deborah MacLure$25.00  
   Pamela McCafferty$700.00  
   Elizabeth Meinhardt$0.00  
   Pamela Meinhardt$25.00  
   Leslie Mitchell$50.00  
   Beth Morrill$850.00  
   Nicole Nolan$25.00  
   Paige Nolan$45.00  
   Caren O'Brien$2,111.00  
   Michael O'Brien$50.00  
   Julie O'Leary$110.00  
   Taylor O'Leary$75.00  
   David O'Leary Jr$1,150.00  
   Brian Oleary$175.00  
   Caitlin Oleary$235.00  
   Karen Oleary$1,535.00  
   Reagan Oleary$135.00  
   Shannon Oleary$135.00  
   Shea Oleary$135.00  
   Sue Peschel$255.00  
   Tom Pratt$585.00  
   Pamela Sartorelli$25.00  
   Delaney Schiefen$50.00  
   Melissa Schoenfeld$225.00  
   andrea wilkins$40.00  

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Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for CancerCare
295 Varnum Ave.
Lowell, MA 01854
Phone: 978-937-6434 Fax: 978-937-6877

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