How are TeamWalk Funds Used?

Dying with Dignity

Juan came to the Lowell area from South America when he was in his mid-sixties to live with his sister.  Twenty years later, when he was 85, he became very sick and ended up in the hospital with metastatic cancer.  He had no insurance and no income.  He needed equipment for end of life care – including a hospital bed - so he could die at home.  TeamWalk funds covered the cost of the hospital bed rental.

Making a Difference

Michelle from Lowell had a mastectomy in 2005.  Due to an extremely large deductible on her insurance plan she was unable to update her metastatic products for 4 years, which is an extremely long time and an unhealthy practice.  The 61 year-old needed a breast prosthetic and mastectomy bras.  TeamWalk funds supplied a year’s worth of supplies.

A Family in the Future

At 24 years old, John was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He needed chemo which could make him sterile.  Since he was a young, single man with no children, sperm banking was recommended.  The initial set-up fees were $1,200.  Funds from TeamWalk were used to pay these fees so he would be able to have biological children in the future.

Cancer is a difficult diagnosis for someone to face and many patients need additional support during treatment. TeamWalk dollars can make a difference by providing courage and compassion during a most difficult time in person’s life.

Taking the Heat Off

Roseanne is a 54 year-old woman from Billerica with no income.  She was out of work due to treatment and surgery for breast cancer.  Roseanne was living in a small one room efficiency with no air conditioning.  TeamWalk funds were used to purchase an air conditioner for her.

TeamWalk helps provide services when there is a gap in insurance or a period of time when a patient will have no income. With the support of TeamWalk, patients can better cope, families can relax and hope can blossom.

Lifting Her Up

Mary is a 66 year-old woman who lives with her husband in a condo in Pepperell.  She was diagnosed with brain cancer and wasn’t able to climb stairs.  She was sleeping on the couch while her husband slept on an air mattress on floor next to her.  TeamWalk funds paid for the installation of a rental stair lift it to help them.  Mary and her husband are paying for the monthly fee.

TeamWalk can assist with grants for home expenses that will be difficult to cover if you are out of work while being treated or on a fixed income. It is just one way we can ease the financial strain so patients can concentrate on getting well.