"Granddad is Silly"
"Granddad is Silly"

Have an Awesome Day!

Chuck Hungler beat cancer for 5 years. His optimism and concern for others, along with his wife Rita's relentless determination, carried the rest of us through those five years.  He never stopped telling everyone to "Have an Awesome Day." He was always worried about those who didn't have visitors and those without the means for all of the extra expenses that go along with fighting cancer-medication; the trips into Boston, parking, gas, meals, time away from work for care givers and so many more. He always said, "we can afford this, but how do people living paycheck to paycheck do it?"  Please support Teamwork for Cancer Care, a non-profit that supports  just that need. Thanks to modern science, his Granddaughter Avery got to spend 3 years with him and regularly reminds us that she misses her Granddad. We are walking to carry on his legacy and to help her understand that her Granddad wanted to help the world and that she can do the same.

Each and every dollar raised stays within the communities that we serve, helping our friends, family members and co-corkers.
TeamWalk funds make a difference in the lives of today’s cancer patients by paying for medications, nutritional supplements, wigs and prostheses, support groups, skilled nursing visits, transportation, mini-grants, and supportive services to patients of all cancer types. Funds raised enable Lowell General Hospital to provide assistance, support, and services to help people feel better, build confidence and instill hope throughout their battle with cancer.

Inspire Hope, Ignite Courage, Join TeamWalk.

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