Team Kinnon

Many years ago, our family lost a terrific father, Jack Nolan and a very wonderful aunt, Barbara Lawson, to cancer. He had just turned 60 and she was only in her 50's. Like everyone else who has lost a loved one, we still miss them deeply.

Our introduction to TeamWalk began 15 years ago when we walked with Team Smile, honoring my sister-in-law, Maureen Boenis. She was an amazing mother, sister, aunt, niece and friend, and always an inspiration as she lived fully and courageously for 5 years with ovarian cancer.

In 2019 we walked with Team Tom in honor of my brave and very dear brother, Thomas Nolan as he struggled with an aggressive, fatal brain cancer. He lived long enough to see his beloved Red Sox win the World Series (again:) and more importantly, to hold his first grandchild.

This year in addition to remembering Jack, Barbara, Maureen and Tom, we are walking in memory of a dear friend's daughter, Aimee Gulvin, and in honor of all those friends, families and neighbors who are survivors or are right now confronting, and in many, many cases conquering, this unwanted disease.

TeamWalk funds make a difference in the lives of today’s cancer patients by paying for medications, nutritional supplements, wigs and prostheses, support groups, skilled nursing visits, transportation, mini-grants, and supportive services to patients of all cancer types. Each and every dollar raised stays within the communities that we serve, helping our friends, family members and co-workers. 

Please consider joining our team or making a donation to this Walk. Your donation will make a difference, very often, to someone you know.

Be well,

Christine Kinnon

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