Last year we raised over $15,000! Let's keep this energy going!
Last year we raised over $15,000! Let's keep this energy going!

Team Summer Village

Just because we are in the midst of a global pandemic, does not mean that cancer patients don't still need our help.  Even though we are unable to host our traditional fundraiser, we still hope to raise money and help in any way we can.  Through Lowell General Hospital and TeamWalk, we aim to provide support for those battling cancer during these unprecendented times. 

Of course you are able to donate as much as you want...but we also have a special game to go along with it!

For every $25 you donate through this page, you will receive a rubber duck with your number (which will be emailed to you after you provide your donation receipt) on it.  On September 6, we will dump all the ducks into the buoyed portion of the lake and draw two ducks out for two lucky winners.  The main prize will certainly help you get through a socially distanced fall/winter - a bucket filled with various wines and spirits!  However, if this is not your style we also have an alterate prize that you can choose.  The second winner will get the remaining prize.

We appreciate you for helping cancer patients who not only have to go through a pandemic, but also treatment. 

Every donation counts so thank you and good luck!  

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