Team Summer Village

Summer Village is a three-season community in Westford, Ma. The proceeds of their annual end-of-year soiree, held the Friday of Labor Day weekend, usually benefited the Susan G. Komen Foundation. However, the group decided to keep it local and has partnered with Lowell Generals TeamWalk for Cancer Care to help area cancer patients. Their 2020 total was the most they have ever raised in their six years doing their end-of-season event to over $20,000. Lowell General Hospital is incredibly grateful for our community’s support continually provides continued support to our hospital and our patients. Whether it is the contribution of time, funds, or resources, we work diligently to ensure that we have put these contributions to the best use possible in making a difference in the lives of area residents and their families every day. We are not only proud to be part of this great community, but we also recognize how important it is for us to give back.

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