Shining With Hope

Hello Team!!

As you probably heard or saw, This years circumstances are a little different than the others as the actual walk is not happening, BUT that does not mean we still can't shine with hope! It has been a year since my cancer came back and I have been doing great and still living life to the fullest... but also this year is important for my family because my mother was just diagnosed with cancer in March and finished her chemo this month! She was being treated at Lowell General and we saw all the good the funds from TeamWalk provide for their patients. They have been so wonderful in making a terrible circumstance seem a little bit lighter. (And she is doing so wonderful! She kicked that cancer's butt!!)
It's always a good feeling at the walk because we see all the love and support that surrounds us- as survivors, fighters, family or friends of loved ones who have had or have lost someone to cancer. We may not be able to see all the love in person, but let's still make a difference and spread love and support any way we can - those are things that can always be felt. <3

Times are a little strange right now so don't feel obligated to donate but if and only if you can anything would be greatly appreciated :)

If you can't that's okay too just send some good vibes... everyone needs and loves that too!

Thank you :)


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