Last day of chemo! 1-20-2021
Last day of chemo! 1-20-2021


The walk is Sunday May 22nd.  We will meet at 9am on the stairs in front of the Tsongas Arena.  I will have your team t-shirt ready to go!  Text me if you have any questions.  You can do the 3 mile or 6 mile walk.  I will be doing 3.  Thank you for Supporting Sousa Strong!  Love you guys!  


This year the walk is finally back and I will be walking for the Sousa's! Me and dad and in memory of Auntie Pauline. I was always on the giving side of this walk and unfortunately on the receiving side too. The gifts that were given to me and the help that was offered to me by the Cancer Center during the hardest time of my life will forever hold a special place in my heart. I'm also walking to honor the most amazing team of men and women that make the Cancer Center run like the well oiled machine that it is. Every single person that I came in contact with was always so caring and friendly. The pandemic and cancer happened at the same time for me and I spent a tremendous amount of time there. Everyone was always cool, calm and collected and that made it OK. I ask you to make a donation to the LGH Cancer Walk. Your donation could pay for someone's cab fare to get to chemo, a wig, or even a co-pay that can't be paid. No donation is too small or too big! Thank you and if you would like to walk with me I can add you to our team!

love, just jill 


Each and every dollar raised stays within the communities that we serve, helping our friends, family members and co-corkers.
TeamWalk funds make a difference in the lives of today’s cancer patients by paying for medications, nutritional supplements, wigs and prostheses, support groups, skilled nursing visits, transportation, mini-grants, and supportive services to patients of all cancer types. Funds raised enable Lowell General Hospital to provide assistance, support, and services to help people feel better, build confidence and instill hope throughout their battle with cancer.

Inspire Hope, Ignite Courage, Join TeamWalk.

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